Can a Gummy Bear Scream

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Jessica Rogers is a chemistry professor at LCU who is fascinated with the mystery of how God was able to create everything in this world. One of her favorite things about teaching is getting to unravel some of the answers to that mystery with students through demonstrations and logic.  As a chemist, she believes trying to manipulate compounds to make the world a better place is a worthy goal. 

Outside the classroom, Rogers loves being a mother to her three sons, Coby, Zack, and Josh, and a wife to her husband, Dr. Toby Rogers.  She not only loves mixing things up in the lab, but in the kitchen when she cooks as well.  Other hobbies include running, photography, camping (another place she can start fires), and gardening.


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Can a Gummy Bear Scream?
Jessica Rogers

We all know sugar burns in oxygen.  The crazy thing is, the same reaction is happening inside our bodies.  Of course, it's much more controlled inside our bodies.  That energy is stored in chemical bonds, and our body saves it until we need it for things like Chap cheering and thinking.  Another source of sugar is the gummy bear.  Who doesn't love a gummy bear?  I can eat this gummy bear, and I know those same chemical reactions are going on inside my body, but I can't see those chemical reactions.  If you want to see it, you need to provide the oxygen on steroids through potassium chlorate.  This allows the sugar in the gummy bear to react even faster with the oxygen, and that is how you make a gummy bear scream.  When you observe the experiment, you will see all the energy being produced, the same amount of energy that's being produced in our bodies.  

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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2013