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Feb5 /Feb8
Reunion Classes: 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, and 2010.
50’s and 60’s Decade Dinner and Master Follies "Sneak Peek"
Feb6 /Feb7
Master Follies - "Let the Music Play"
70s Dinner and reunion event honoring alumni and former students
New gathering for members of clubs that are no longer active on the LCU campus.
Lubbock Christian University is proud to announce its 2015 Alumni Awardees
Visit campus. Visit with a professor. Eat a bite at the Cafe or the Take 10. Register for a class.
Mar14 /Mar22
Campus Holiday
Be inspired to greater success by the stories of: Dee Ann Turner, Holly M. Duncan, Kathrine Lee, Marcylle Combs
Apr3 /Apr5
Campus Holiday
30/01 - 2015
Into the WoodsCori Newsom, Staff Writer If you haven’t seen the movie adaptation of Steven Sondheim’s musical Into the Woods, you are missing a treat! Into the Woods takes the charts with the play’s original storyline, breathtaking musical numbers, and an all-star cast; this is a fun film for all ages. The musical follows the exploits of

30/01 - 2015
book loveChristopher Biggerstaff, Staff Writer The smell of old dust and paper bring with it memories of an older time. Perhaps an era almost forgotten. Put down the tablet and pick up a book. Bibliophiles unite! It is once again time to journey into the depths of the Mahon Library, the basement usually concealed from the

30/01 - 2015
demi 1Hey, Chaps! My name is Demi Lorey and I am the student editor for The Duster; this is my third semester being on the team! I am a sophomore psychology major with a minor in art. Other than being involved in The Duster on campus, I am also involved in Kappa Phi Kappa, the behavioral

30/01 - 2015
Chris - Duster PicMy name is Christopher Biggerstaff and I prefer Christopher. I am happily married and a father of five. I am a non-traditional student. This is my first semester writing for The Duster Today. Previously, I worked for several years in the field of law enforcement, eventually serving my department as the Chief of Police. I

27/01 - 2015
comicconChristopher Biggerstaff, Staff Writer Whovians. Trekkers. Star Warriors. Potterheads. These names identify individuals who are fans of some of the most read and watched stories in pop culture history. In the past, such individuals were singled out and called nerd, geek, or freak. Now these individuals have gathered in mass and declared their respective allegiance

22/01 - 2015
snowwwwLeaving Master Follies practice at midnight can get to be really tiring after a while; however, last night was different once we walked outside to find the ground covered in fluffy, white snow. Having grown up in the middle of a desert in southwest Texas, I have not seen much snow over the years. Since

1/02 - 2015


31/01 - 2015

DALLAS, Texas (January 31, 2015) ? Ridrell Holman's three-pointer hit the back iron just before time expired and was unable to salvage a sluggish first half by Lubbock Christian to hand Dallas Baptist a 69-67 win Saturday afternoon at the Burg Center.

31/01 - 2015

Lubbock Christian (11-7, 8-3 Heartland) at Dallas Baptist ( 10-7, 4-5 Heartland)

31/01 - 2015

ADAMS STATE (0-0, 0-0) at LUBBOCK CHRISTIAN (0-0, 0-0)

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