Proposals Approved in 2013

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3/2013 “Deep Neck Flexor Endurance in the Adolescent and Young Adult:  Normative Data and Associated Attributes” by Nathan Jarman (TTUHSC), Toby Brooks (TTUHSC), and Mark Wilhelm (TTUHSC)

3/19/2013 “What’s in a Handshake” by Shawn Hughes (LCU Faculty), Shaylie Day (LCU Student), Coree Childree (LCU Student), Zackary Chavez (LCU student), Rebecca Baired (LCU Student)

3/21/2013 “Expectancy Violations and Proxemics in Relation to Genders” by Shawn Huges (LCU Faculty), Jennifer Ray (LCU Student), Joe Rodriguez (LCU Student), Shannon Suddith (LCU Student), and Taylor Trice (LCU Student)

3/21/2013 “Music vs. Perfomance; The Perceived Effects of Music on Exercise Performance” by Anna Schopp (LCU student), Toby Rogers, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty), Dean Culpepper, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty)

3/25/2013  “Animal Assisted Therapy, Student Stress, and Beliefs about Mental Health Services” by Hailey Gibson (LCU Undergraduate student) and Andy Young Ph.D. (Instructor).

3/25/2013 “Pilot Study to Assess the Incidence of Pregnant Women at Covenant Women’s & Children’s Hospital with Antenatal Depressive Symptoms As Measured by the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale” by Melynda Reeves, R.N. (LCU Grad Student) and JoAnn Long, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty)

4/1/2013 “SWAT Team stress” by Andy Young, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty) 

4/2/2013 “The Differences in Critical Thinking Between Theology Majors and Non-Majors” by Steven Bonner, Ph.D. and Dean Culpepper, Ph.D.

7/10/2013 “Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and the Role of Encoded Memory and Affective Response in Eating Behavior” by Sara Dodd, Ph.D. (Texas Tech Faculty) and JoAnn Long, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty)

9/20/2013 “An autoethnographic exploration of the perceptions of interactions between parents and teachers” by Sheila Delone, Ph.D. (ACU Faculty)

10/15/2013 “The Effectiveness of Short-Term Intensive Youth & Family Ministry Internships” by James Masterson (LCU Student) and Steven Bonner, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty)

12/12/2013  “Pilot Study Using Sparks Code-Blue Ability Assessment of Novice Nurse in the Medical ICU tool” by Madelyn Sparks, NBS, RN, CCRN Masters of Science student LCU and JoAnn Long, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty)


8/21, 2013 “Biology lab” by Shirley Matteson, Ph.D. (Texas Tech Faculty) and Chrissy Cross (TT grad student/former LCU student) – exiting data


12/11/2013 “SWAT Team stress” by Andy Young, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty) revised to include patrol officers

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