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  • Chris Due

    Due, Chris

    Sports Information Director Athletics 806.720.7283
  • Todd Duncan

    Duncan, Todd

    Basketball Coach Athletics 806.720.7277
  • Bart Durham

    Durham, Bart

    Associate Professor and Program Directory Natural Sciences 806.720.7709
  • Dye,Sheila

    Dye, Sheila

    Director of Alumni Relations University Advancement 806.720.7233
  • Wanda Dyess

    Dyess, Wanda

    Director of Certification Education, School of 806.720.7553
  • Blaine Eubanks

    Eubanks, Blaine

    Facilities Safety Officer Facilities  
  • Bob Fannin

    Fannin, Bob

    Assistant Baseball Coach Athletics 806.720.7281
  • Brenda Farr

    Farr, Brenda

    Processing Coordinator Financial Assistance 806.720.7179
  • Kregg Fehr

    Fehr, Kregg

    Associate Professor of History Honors Program, Humanities 806.720.7609
  • Amy Fish

    Fish, Amy

    Assistant Director of Recreational Life Intramurals, Fitness Center  
  • Amy Fish

    Fish, Amy

    Assistant Director of Recreational Life Fitness Center  
  • Brian Fisher

    Fisher, Brian

    Visiting Scholar Math and Physical Sciences  
  • Judith Flagle

    Flagle, Judith

    Special Education Program Coordinator Graduate Education 806.720.7879
  • Cindy Ford

    Ford, Cindy

    Visiting Professor & Director Partnership Program Graduate Nursing, Nursing 806-720-7684
  • Joyce Foster

    Foster, Joyce

    Administrative Assistant Athletics 806-720-7276
  • Brandon Fredenburg

    Fredenburg, Brandon

    Assistant Dean, College of Biblical Studies and Behavioral Sciences Associate Professor Biblical Studies Graduate Bible, Bible 806.720.7653
  • Freier,Patricia

    Freier, Patricia

    Adjunct Faculty Nursing 806-725-4007
  • Melody Fried

    Fried, Melody

    Adjunct Faculty Music  
  • Shauna Frisbie

    Frisbie, Shauna

    Associate Professor Graduate Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Sciences 806.720.7834
  • Fuerstenberg,Jane

    Fuerstenberg, Jane

    Adjunct Faculty Nursing 806-720-7676
  • Jill Fuller

    Fuller, Jill

    Chair, Department of Social Work & Criminal Justice Social Work, Social Work and Criminal Justice 806.720.7828
  • Caren Fullerton

    Fullerton, Caren

    Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management Business Administration 806.720.7704
  • Paula Gannaway

    Gannaway, Paula

    Director of the Lubbock Christian University Library Library 806.720.7333
  • Annette Gary

    Gary, Annette

    Adjunct Faculty Graduate Nursing 806.790.4290
  • Steve German

    German, Steve

    Associate Professor Organizational Management, Business Administration 277
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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2014