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  • Kathryn Crockett, Ph.D.

    Crockett, Kathryn

    Program Coordinator MS in Leadership Graduate Leadership, Business Administration, Leadership 806.720.7381
  • Culbert,Jeana

    Culbert, Jeana

    Associate Professor of Social Work Social Work 806.720.7832
  • Culpepper,Michele

    Culpepper, Michele

    Director of Recreational Life / Adjunct Fitness Center 806.720.7856
  • Cunningham,Danielle

    Cunningham, Danielle

    Admissions Counselor: North Texas and Central United States Admissions 806.720.7174
  • Laura Cunningham

    Cunningham, Laura

    LPC-Intern Counselor Counseling Center 806.720.7478
  • Dabbs,Jennifer

    Dabbs, Jennifer

    Associate Professor of Sociology Criminal Justice, Social Work and Criminal Justice 806-720-7835
  • Dabbs,Russell

    Dabbs, Russell

    Professor of Economics Honors Program, Information Systems and Technology, Business Administration 806.720.7386
  • Carol Dahlstrom

    Dahlstrom, Carol

    Coordinator Tutoring Services Tutoring Services 806.720.7485
  • Dansby,John

    Dansby, John

    Head Coach, Women's Golf Athletics  
  • Davis,Adelle

    Davis, Adelle

    Transfer Admissions Counselor Student Mentoring 806.720.7171
  • Davis,George

    Davis, George

      Facilities 806.720.7777
  • Day,Cristi

    Day, Cristi

    Assistant Bookstore Manager Bookstore  
  • DeAlba,Manny

    DeAlba, Manny

    Athletics Athletics  
  • Terry M. Delaney

    Delaney, Terry

    Assistant Professor Nursing  
  • Delgado,Leticia

    Delgado, Leticia

    Adjunct Faculty Communications and Fine Arts  
  • Delony,John

    Delony, John

    Adjunct Professor Graduate Behavioral Sciences  
  • Dement,Randal

    Dement, Randal

    Vice President Student Affairs 806.720.7508
  • Denning,Alex

    Denning, Alex

    Head Coach Athletics 806.720.7271
  • Dennis,Larry

    Dennis, Larry

    Operations Director of University Advancement University Advancement 806.720.7235
  • Devore,Richard

    Devore, Richard

    Pine Springs Manager Summer Camps, Environmental Compliance 575.687.3639
  • Dixon,Karen

    Dixon, Karen

    Academic Coordinator Social Work, Social Work and Criminal Justice 806.720.7836
  • Dixon,Sonja

    Dixon, Sonja

    Assistant to the Registrar Registrars Office 806.720.7254
  • Dossey,Susan

    Dossey, Susan

    Adjunct Nursing 806-785-9444
  • Laurie Doyle, Ph.D.

    Doyle, Laurie

    Associate Professor of Fine Arts Theatre Education, Communications and Fine Arts, Music 806.720.7428
  • Driskill,Dustin

    Driskill, Dustin

    Head Athletic Trainer Athletics 806-720-7284
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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2015