Professional Development

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Over this last year, EquipLCU has offered nearly 50 professional development opportunities utilizing the expertise of our own faculty and staff across campus. These events have included a broad variety of experiences, ranging from lunch discussions on travel abroad to workshops on enhancing online course offerings, and from a series of seminars on the Paul and Elder Critical Thinking model to a series of book studies leading up to our Scholars' Colloquium, a conference featuring undergraduate, graduate, and faculty presentations of original research. 


Drs. Bullard and Hawley have assembled resources from a variety of scholarly books and journals, locating hard copies in our Faculty Commons room and providing links to web sources and database articles via an online Moodle module that all faculty can access. Our plan is to maintain as far as possible both a physical and a virtual space for the resources that prove fruitful for our faculty as they implement CT in classrooms all over the LCU campus. 


EquipLCU has also sponsored a number of faculty travel opportunities, including workshops, seminars, conferences, and conventions. We believe that the more we support scholarly activities and collegiality among our faculty, the more excited, renewed, and devoted they will be to their fields and to their teaching. We want to motivate and equip ourselves for service in teaching, learning, and research, as our students commit themselves to expressing their Critical Thinking through writing.

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2013