Critical Thinking Courses

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Spring 2009
BIB 4311 Advanced Biblical Interpretation (CT) Dr. Jesse Long
BIO 3304 Advanced Botany (CT-I) Dr. Kirt Martin
ENG 4306 Christianity and Literature (CT-I) Dr. Kenneth Hawley
COM 3374 Nonverbal Communication (CT-I) Dr. J.D. Wallace
REA 4350 Practical Applications of Reading (CT) Dr. Holly Bullard
Fall 2009
ART 4306 Teaching Art for Adolescents (CT), Dr. Michelle Kraft
BIO 3304 Advanced Botany (CT-I), Dr. Kirt Martin
BIO 4303 Evolution (CT), Dr. Kirt Martin
ENG 3307 Rhetoric (CT), Dr. Kenneth Hawley
ENG 4315 Major British Writers to 1800 (CT-I), Dr. Carole Carroll
ESS 4380 Senior Research (CT), Dr. Hope Martin
HUM 4352 Women's Studies (CT), Dr. Ronna Privett, Dr. Michelle Kraft, Dr. Holly Bullard
MAT 3305 Foundation of Math (CT-I), Dr. David Peebles
NUR 4311 Scientific Inquiry (CT-I), Dr. LaNell Harrison
REA 4350 Practical Applications to Reading (CT), Dr. Holly Bullard
REA 4360 Reading Across the Curriculum (CT), Dana Reeger
CT and CT-I Course Designations
The above list of CT-I courses include two separate designations: "CT-I" for those courses planned through the Faculty Fellowship and taught by our Faculty Fellows, and "CT" for those courses that were planned by professors independent of the fellowship. This includes, then, some courses taught by Faculty Fellows that were not planned as part of their fellowships.

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