Sport and Exercise Psychology

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Sport and Exercise Psychology (SEP) is one of the fastest growing disciplines at the graduate level.

SEP is a multidisciplinary field of study. That is, sport and exercise psychologists must have a large base of knowledge in both psychology and exercise science/kinesiology (McCullagh & Noble, 1993). Unfortunately, very few universities currently offer an undergraduate program in SEP. The best alternatives to an SEP-specific degree are to either double major in psychology and exercise science, or to major in one discipline, and minor in the other discipline.

This emphasis allows LCU to develop and grow in the SEP area without the double major. Students that choose the SEP major can work in the exercise and sport clinical setting, exercise adherence (fitness centers, Body Works, personal training), coaching, and group fitness. Opportunities are numerous for graduate level study.

Degree requirements for Exercise Science/Sport Psychology (SEP)

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2014