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Professor of Chemistry
  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University
  • M.S., Texas Tech University
  • B.S., Harding College
Department: Chemistry
Phone #: 343 Cell Phone #: 806.790.0892 Perry.Mason@LCU.EDU

Personal Info

Perry spent most of his young life on the campus of Harding College (now University), where both of his parents taught. He earned a B.S. in chemistry from Harding, although he also met the requirements for a degree in mathematics. He went to LSU in 1959 while his fiancee, Lynn Merrick finished a degree at Harding, also in chemistry. She graduated in 1960 and they married shortly thereafter. Lynn also went to LSU and completed a M.S. in biochemistry. While in graduate school, they both worked as laboratory assistants.

 A really great thing about majoring in science is that you can easily support yourself in graduate school. He has taught chemistry at a number of schools, including Oklahoma Christian, Northwestern University of Louisiana, Little Rock University, and Arkansas State University. He worked as Chief Research Scientist for Pierce Chemical Company, bringing a number of new products on market. Perry also completed a postdoctoral study at the University of Arkansas in gas chromatography.

 In 1969, he moved to LCU to expand the junior college program and develop a major in chemistry. He helped to design the current science building, which was completed in 1971. His wife started teaching chemistry in 1971. The number of graduates in chemistry is small, but he thinks LCU does an excellent job of training majors. The laboratory experience available through our biochemistry and environmental laboratories is really beneficial. He might be slightly prejudiced, but he feels sure that the science teachers are the best teachers on campus. The students have been successful in many areas, including engineering, computers, medical school, and, of course, chemistry. If you will prepare well in science and mathematics it opens up a huge range of employment possibilities.

 Perry has several hobbies - golf and Biblical Languages primarily. He and his wife have four children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. They consider themselves very blessed to have been able to teach at LCU for many years.

Current Classes

  • General Chemistry I, II
  • Inorganic Chemistry

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2013