Proposals Approved in 2013-14

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3/6/2014 “Exploring Negative Responses to Mathematics Education”  by Lane Jones, Keith Rogers (faculty sponsor)

3/6/2014 “The Use of Technologies in College Dating:  Text me…” by Dilcia Carrion and Carlos Perez

3/11/2014 “Exercise levels as a response to female presence” by Shawn Hughes, Ph.D., Melissa Oakeley, Brittany Mclelen, Teal Stark, Drew Denman, Danie Craig, Brooke Carson

3/24/2014 “Contact and perception:  The effects of touch on an individual’s viewing experience”.  By Shawn Hughes, Payton Shipley, Justin Dehls, Keely McCrady, Sunny Parks and Jessica Richardson.

3/25/2014 “Attraction Study” by Abby Johnson, Shawn Hughes, Ph.D. (faculty sponsor), Kara Stephenson, Autumn Posey, Ashley Valdez, Jeff Boggan, Chase Stewart

3/25/2014 “What challenges and experiences do immigrant Turkish Muslim Women face when acquiring healthcare in America?” by Janna Hackett and JoAnn Long, Ph.D. (faculty sponsor)

3/31/2014 “Variables Predicting Graduate Nursing Student First Time Pass Rates on the FNP Board Certification Exam:  A Correlational Study” by Dr. Daniel Hatch

4/2/2014 “An Exploration of Counselor’s-in-Training Multicultural Competency when Working with Persons of Low Socioeconomic Status:  An Examination of Attitudes, Attributions, and Perceived Self Efficacy” by Emily Stafford, M.Ed.    

9/17/2014 “Research Study on Delayed Childbearing in Academic Women” by Julie Marshall, Ph.D. and Jennifer Dabbs, Ph.D.


1/28/2014  “Contact Lens Care Behaviors in Students, Staff and Faculty in a University Setting” by   Stephanie Vander-Plas

5/14/2014 12/11/2013 “SWAT Team stress” by Andy Young, Ph.D. (LCU Faculty) revised to include SWAT officers


2/19/2014 “Predictions of Retention:  A Study of Graduate Students in Behavioral Sciences.” B. Robinson, Ph.D., C. Hennington, Ph.D., S Frisbie, Ph.D., B. Hennington, Ph.D.

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