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It's Okay to Be Undecided

If you are struggling with making a decision concerning an academic major and career, you are among a large group of students who enter college every year with the same challenge. Undecided majors have the opportunity to take university and departmental core courses common to most academic majors; thus, not losing valuable time and money taking unnecessary courses.

Through assessments and one-on-one academic advising specifically developed for undecided students, the Center for Student Success can help you make an informed decision about a career and academic major. Usually within one to two semesters students are ready to declare a specific major best suited for their future career. Our desire is to help you be successful in your academic endeavors.

We are located in the Center for Student Success (Academic Achievement Building) room 106.

Wayne Perrin
Undecided Major, Advisor

Last Updated: May 02, 2012