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Honors students complete a 30 hour Honors Program Core which substitutes for the general University Core. In most cases, equivalent high school dual credit or AP courses may substitute for Honors Core courses, but a total of 30 LCU residential Honors hours must be completed in order to graduate as an Honors Scholar. Although the program does not require Honors students to take more courses or hours than they would otherwise, it provides more depth and breadth of study within the courses they do take. 

  • BIB1320  Introduction to the New Testament
  • HON3301  Vocation and Life
  • HON3304  Old Testament Seminar
  • BIB3305  Christian Heritage
  • HON3340  Communication for the Professional
  • ENG1301  Composition Studies
  • 3 hours from
    • HON1302  Writing About Literature
    • HON2301  Literature and Life
  • 3 hours from
    • PSY
    • SOC
  • 3 hours from
    • HON2306 History of the US II
    • HON3352  History of Science/Technology/Environmentalism
  • 3 hours from
    • HON2310 Macroeconomics
    • HON3352  National Government
    • HON3352  Geography and Humanity
  • ESS1200  Personal Fitness and Wellness
  • MAT1311  College Algebra
  • 3 hours from
    • CHE1307H  General Chemistry
    • HON2352  Engaging Contemporary Science
  • HON3354 Philosophy Seminar
  • 3 hours from
    • HON4354  History of the United States I
    • HONUD  Contract Course in Major
  • 3 hours from
    • HON4380  Senior Research
    • HONUD  Capstone Research in Major
  • 3 hours from
    • AFA, ART, Fine Arts History, ENG, REL, FOL, or BIL
  • UNI2000  University Skills

Transfer Policy: Only courses that are accepted as Honors credit courses will apply toward the 30 hour Honors Program Core.  Students with 60 or more hours of transfer credit must complete a minimum of 15 hours of Honors credit courses, including HON3306, HON4354, and HON4380


The University Honors Program aims to provide a truly outstanding learning experience for all Honors students.  To that end, students are required to attend at least two cultural events and two speaking series events each academic year.

Culture Events: include Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, Broadway Series show in Lubbock, the Friday Night Art Trail, other area cultural programs, and a variety of Texas Tech and LCU performing and fine arts events.  The Honors Program provides limited free admission to some of these events.

Speaking Series Events: include guest speakers at LCU functions, departmental guest speakers, academically-related speeches at other area institutions, and special events on campus that are speech-related.

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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014