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EquipLCU - A Critical Thinking Initiative


Welcome to EquipLCU! In today's world, most employers are not looking to simply fill a position. They are looking for individuals who can critically think through issues that are important within their field. EquipLCU is an initiative that seeks to create opportunities for our students to learn those skills. Since fall 2008, faculty members have been constructing Critical Thinking-Intensive courses that will further develop and enhance students' abilities to think critically within their given discipline. Please peruse our EquipLCU site to see the faculty and courses involved in this project.

Faculty and Staff

Since the launch of EquipLCU in fall 2008, many faculty and staff members have been working diligently to enhance the critical thinking requirements of students in classes across campus. Through this initiative, we are providing resources, funding, and professional development opportunities, encouraging faculty and staff to create experiences for students that overtly focus on critical thinking. It is our hope that this initiative will continue to craft an academic environment where students leave LCU with the ability to think critically about their careers, their lives, and their world. Join us as we work together on this important endeavor.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about our critical thinking initiative.


Dr. Holly Bullard
EquipLCU Director

Last Updated: May 02, 2012