Equip LCU

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What is EquipLCU?

EquipLCU is Lubbock Christian University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) and is aimed at enhancing student learning by deliberately fostering an environment of Critical Thinking (CT) in the classroom and by encouraging thoughtful reflection, analysis, and interpretation in discipline-appropriate student writing. This emphasis on written expression is expressed especially by the original title for the plan, "I think; therefore, I write." 

What will it accomplish?

Under its new title, EquipLCU, our QEP, will:

  • Provide direct instruction for students in the intellectual standards of CT and basic elements of reasoning.
  • Help faculty learn to be more overt in promoting evaluative thinking
  • Help faculty enhance the practices of CT within the curriculum of each discipline and in the university culture. 

How is it implemented?

The primary components of this plan are our Faculty Fellows, our Critical Thinking Courses, and our Professional Development efforts for faculty across the LCU campus.

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2013