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  • M.S., Texas Tech University
  • B.S., Texas Tech University
Department: Natural Sciences
Phone #: 806.720.7634 Lucy.Porter@LCU.EDU

Personal Info

Upon finishing a master's degree in microbiology at Texas Tech, Ms. Porter supervised the Animal Science Department lab at TTU for four years. She then worked at Porter Manufacturing Corporation as the Purchasing Director.

In 2000, Porter joined the faculty of LCU as the microbiology lab instructor. Microbiology is a subject which she loves teaching because most people usually find it to be applicable to everyday life. Teaching these labs also affords this excellent teacher the opportunity for one-on-one contact with students as they gain self-confidence in a lab environment. Students often find they enjoy the subject so much that they opt for upper level individual research that can be applied for credit.

 Each year Ms. Porter is asked to assist elementary students with science fair projects relating to microbiology and also serve as a science fair judge at various schools. In 1988, she began the church library and continues as the librarian.

 In her spare time Ms. Porter enjoys gardening, reading and travel. LCU is a university that offers a quality education and is the right size for individual attention. In the Natural Sciences Department we are excited about developing undergraduate research that gives students opportunities for real experience that prepare them for further education at the graduate level. LCU is on the move and great things are happening!

Latest News

Advisor for Writings and Research Advisor for BioResearch Laboratory

Current Classes

  • Microbiology Lab
  • Human Biology

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2014