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Individuals Seeking a Ministry Position

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Seeking a Pulpit Position

George F. Guild Jr. seeks a pulpit position. Mr. Guild has a Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana College in Christian Studies & a Communications Arts Minor. Click here to see his cover letter.

Jon Toler seeks a pulpit position. Mr. Toler has a Bachelor's of Arts from Milligan College and an Masters of Arts in Religion from Emmanuel Christian Seminary. Mr. Toler would prefer an instrumental church.

James Smith II seeks a pulpit position. Mr. Smith has over 15 years experience in all areas of preaching, teaching and counseling.

Paul Richardson has a Master of Arts in Ministry. He is pursuing a doctoral degree in Family Ministry.

Steve Cordle has 16 years preaching experience and is a candidate for the Master's of Biblical Studies Degree at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver.

Ministry Positions

Seeking a Youth & Family Ministry Position

Noland Higginbottom has a Bachelor of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry.

John Cooper has a Master of Science in Family Life Education and a Bachelor of Social work. See his cover letter.

Youth and Family Ministry Positions

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2014