Faculty & Staff

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  • Jim Beck

    Beck, Jim

    Assistant Professor of Missions 806.720.7659
  • Steven Bonner

    Bonner, Steven

    Associate Professor 806.720.7658
  • Jeff Cary

    Cary, Jeff

    Assistant Professor of Theology 806.720.7667
  • James Clark

    Clark, James

    Adjunct Faculty  
  • Brandon Fredenburg

    Fredenburg, Brandon

    Assistant Dean, College of Biblical Studies and Behavioral Sciences Associate Professor Biblical Studies 806.720.7653
  • Grose,Sean

    Grose, Sean

    Adjunct Faculty  
  • Jesse Long

    Long, Jesse

    Dean, College of Biblical Studies and Behavioral Sciences; Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Archaeology 806.720.7657
  • Michael Martin

    Martin, Michael

    Associate Professor of New Testament 806.720.7664
  • Omar Palafox

    Palafox, Omar

    Adjunct Faculty  
  • Stacy Patty

    Patty, Stacy

    Director of The University Honors Program and Professor of Religion and Ethics 806.720.7652
  • Carmen Puente

    Puente, Carmen

    Biblical Studies Office Manager 806.720.7651
  • Mark Sneed

    Sneed, Mark

    Professor of Bible 806.720.7656
  • Charles Stephenson

    Stephenson, Charles

    Chair, Department of Biblical Studies, Professor of New Testament 806.720.7660
  • Shawn Tyler

    Tyler, Shawn

    Adjunct Bible Faculty 806.720.7668
  • Wiebe,Mark

    Wiebe, Mark

    Assistant Professor of Theology 806.720.7655
Last Updated: May 08, 2013