Tonia Boyer, M.Ed.

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Tonia Boyer and her guest lecturer, Brooklyn, instruct the Math/Science Methods students in the use of the iPad app, "ScreenChomp."

Tonya Boyer- Faculty Coordinator of Education Field Placements.

These are some pictures from Tonia Boyer's Math/Science Methods class. On this particular morning, they had a guest speaker, Brooklyn Boyer, a 9 year old third grader from Lubbock Christian Schools.

Her lesson this morning involved using the iPad and Apple TV to model an app for the university students. Brooklyn was showing Math and Science students how to use ScreenChomp. ScreenChomp is a free app that records what you write/say as you are writing and speaking. It will save your recordings and you can even share them with others. Brooklyn showed them how the app worked and then Mrs. Boyer taught the LCU students how to use it for one of their assignments.  Brooklyn even walked around to monitor the university student's progress and answer questions as they practiced with the new app.

Mrs. Boyer's students are using ScreenChomp to practice their teaching skills as they do guided practice with elementary students. They will use these skills to make their own ScreenChomp then send the link to Mrs. Boyer for grading.

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014