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Paul Norman, Josh Stephens, and Sunny Park of Student Affairs

How can you look at this photo and not recognize these guys do a great job of communicating with college kids!? Each of them has powerful gifts they have chosen to use to bless LCU.

Among what they reported on their technology surveys:

Paul Norman - prefers iPad email to desktop email. He likes the ease of Dropbox, but has since found which offers 50G's of free space at signup.

Sunny Park and Josh Stephens use LogMeIn to gain access to desktop information from their iPad. Dropbox and LogMeIn allow them access to student lists, housing lists, and parking information from their iPad.

Each member of Student affairs is part of an emergency operations team related to student safety during an on-campus or community threat. The threat that we think about the most is a weather event where we temporarily loose power and we need to round up kids and account for everyone from our housing areas. The iPad can be a safety and security tool since it can have the most current campus information stored inside and can access the most current information concerning the threat. Depending on the extent of any power outage the iPad can be one more communication asset.

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014