Ronna Privett, Ph.D.

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Dr. Privett supplements her classes with various technologies. She depends on it as an aid for students who miss class, so they can keep up with homework assignments. Dr. Privett posts her PowerPoints on Moodle so students can print them out for study notes. Her presentations sometime incorporate YouTube videos, but mostly they are just lecture or discussion notes.

Dr. Privett uses PowerPoint for discussion in two different ways. Sometimes she just posts questions. Sometimes she creates a list of topics for groups to discuss; the then break into groups and find quotes from the text to help answer the questions.

Dr. Privett likes Moodle because it provides a place for students to find handouts they may have misplaced, to look at PowerPoints for class notes, to check up on what they've missed when they are absent or what is due the next class period. It doesn't usually take the place of class, except for a couple of times a semester. PowerPoint has become Ronna's favorite lecture/discussion tool because she can read it more easily than she can her personal notes. She responded on the technology survey, "If I lost PowerPoint, I'd have to get bifocals!"

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014