Patti Moulton

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Patti Moulton works to make sure all our Graduate students get all their ducks lined up to be properly admitted at LCU, so she gets to see more than her fair share of students who want to do things from off campus with the use of technology.

She reported: "Doc and I are exploring ways to make Grad Council more efficient. We've already begun emailing the materials ahead of time, since members now have iPhones or iPads to review the materials in meetings. Now he and I are looking at ways to go beyond that. We are checking for apps/resources that could help us to disseminate information and make decisions quickly amongst the group-even when members are off campus."

Patti discovered the Green Employee mobile app. On her iPhone she can scroll and choose the current paystub, or a previous one, and it will give her the basic info for that pay period.

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014