Julie Marshall

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Dr. Julie Marshall bookmarks the online homework system to pull up problems on her iPad when helping a student or checking student progress. She has many chemistry apps downloaded including an interactive periodic table. There is an iTV in room 102 that allows her to run power point type presentations directly from her iPad.

She can send meeting notes from her iPad as soon as the meeting is completed. She has Chaplink bookmarked and uses everything that is available on the LCU site. One of her favorites is iBooks. Dr. Marshall can download several books and take them on a trip or download chapters from a book as a sample and then decide later whether or not to purchase. She listens to music on her iPhone and has the Slacker radio app downloaded.

She loves to use her Ipad to download books from the Lubbock Public Library for free. Dr. Marshall had to download the Overdrive App and get a pin number from the library. Now she just browses and adds books to her cart. If one of the books is checked out she adds it to her wish list and the system sends an email when the book is ready to check out. Dr. Marshall says, "It is awesome!"

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014