Judy Bowyer

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Judy Bowyer, Flight Plan

Judy Bowyer works with our Flight Plan program. If you have seen any statistics coming from this group you have to be impressed with how the leaders in Flight Plan are impacting student success.


Judy mentioned in the technology survey: "Kyndra and I have iPads that we use in meetings and when we travel etc., but I combine my great interest in technology with my writer's heart, and usually write reviews of helpful things to share with my team, or to give them a quick training on how to use some of these tips. If I see an app that would be helpful to us or to some of our students, I will email the link and tell them how it could be helpful."


So, part of Judy's story is that she is a resource person for her colleagues. She has published copyrighted reviews for OneNote by Microwsoft Office, Evernote and Ecco. If you need a resource person for those programs, drop her an email.

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014