Caren Fullerton, Ph.D.

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From Dr. Caren Fullerton's response to the technology survey:

"I love technology, but I've found I don't love it half as much as my students do. A couple of years ago at Faculty Conferences, I was inspired by Dr. Box (Education) to begin utilizing more student interactive technology in my courses. Since then, I've converted several of the courses to incorporate partial lecture + extensive student polling or other type of interactive technology. The students seem to enjoy it and I've found they tend to retain more when they are forced to provide their own list or explanation via the student polling. It has cut down on some of the issues I have had with students being distracted by texting or playing with their phone or other device in class by actually giving them permission to use that piece of technology as part of the class structure."

"I frequently incorporate current events in my classroom discussions. These are rarely planned and tend to happen as the discussion evolves during the class period. Students who have iPads or other type of technology available to look up some topic on the fly make the discussion much richer because they often find information that relates to the topic at hand, but to which they can personally relate better than if I try to find that information myself to pass along to them."

"Also, I love my iPad, because it helps me to be more efficient. I teach close to 50% of my courses online. Before the purchase of my iPad, I used my phone to keep up with student emails and to grade my online class, but the screen on my phone is too small to be able to do this efficiently. In an ideal world, I would carry around a little mini-computer that would allow me to keep up with all the grading of my online classes while not weighing me down with bulk….Oh, wait!...I do have one of those. My iPad is great for grading those pesky discussion questions and accessing Moodle or a publisher computing website anytime, anywhere - assuming anywhere has Wifi."

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014