Bart Durham, Ph.D.

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Dr. Durham was the only LCU person that sat with me on a early summer day at Texas Tech listening to presenters from the National Distance Learning Conference in Madison Wisconsin. In fact, he lasted longer than I did! I loved the perspective on his report and I think many of us can relate. So, I am going to share pretty much as is.

He reported:

"I am not really what you would call a technology geek by any means and I don't guess I ever have been. I appreciate technology when it helps me achieve my objectives, but I have never been one that just has to have the latest gadgets when they first come out. In fact I am usually pretty slow in adopting new technology. In my classes I do frequently use standard technology such as PowerPoint, videos, YouTube, etc.

However, one of the new areas that technology is beginning to help me is when I take classes out into the field. One of the cornerstones of my classes is to be out in the field with my students. Recently, on a trip I was able to shoot video of our trip, and take some amazing pictures. I am particularly excited about some of the apps for my iPad that allow me to take a picture of a plant or fish and have the app help me determine what the species is and give on the spot information about that organism or ecosystem. This has really enhanced the content that I am able to bring into the field with us.

So to summarize, to me, technology is a tool rather than a toy and it must clearly help me achieve my educational goals. If it can, I really enjoy using it. I am excited to learn additional ways that mobile technology in particular can help me become a better educator."

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014