Annette Mahan, M.Ed.

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Annette Mahan takes advantage of the smart podium and her iPhone to play children's songs to her early childhood education class through the mounted speakers. She also uses her iPhone and iPad with the app called StudyMate in small groups with one of her classes to do formative assessments.

Annette Mahan, M.Ed. and early childhood students learning with wireless technology

She also has found a way to use Pinterest to share classroom resources with her alumni and her current students so that all benefit from finding internet based resources and ideas to share back and forth. These resources vary widely from setting up learning centers, crafts, using manipulative's, etc. She is like a kid at home now. When she gets quiet, I go to look for her to see what she is up to. Lately she is doing Pinterest on her iPad.

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014