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Area Chemistry Teachers Learn New Teaching Techniques From LCU Chemistry FacultyFeb. 25, 2015

The LCU CHEMteach lab officially launched on Monday, Feb. 9, with 23 high school chemistry teachers in attendance. The teachers had the opportunity to learn new experiments and techniques from LCU’s chemistry faculty. Dr. Byron Rogers, Dr. Julie Marshall, Dr. Amanda Boston, and Jessica Rogers all presented original work with manipulatives,... view full story

Students Lead Campus Out of the Darkness CampaignFeb. 24, 2015

The fourth year of LCU’s Out of the Darkness event kicked off on Monday, Feb. 23, in the McDonald Moody Auditorium. Dr. Jeff Cary was the first of a weeklong list of guest speakers to address students during their weekly 11 a.m. chapel meeting. Out of the Darkness is a student led event funded by Flight Plan and LCU’s counseling center. A... view full story

Aaron Watson Encourages LCU StudentsFeb. 20, 2015

Texas country music singer, Aaron Watson, visited the LCU campus on Thursday, Feb. 20, as the guest speaker of the university’s 11 a.m. chapel meeting. Watson, whose new record “The Underdog” has taken the slot as the number one top country album on iTunes, told students that his job is about more than the music. “My job has turned into... view full story

LCU Hosts Alumni, Real Life Family Portrayed in Disney's McFarland, USAFeb. 19, 2015

Lubbock Christian University welcomed the real life heroes of Disney’s latest blockbuster, "McFarland, USA," on Tuesday, Feb. 17. Jim “Blanco” White and wife Cheryl were joined by their daughters Tami Wolfe, Julie Tuttle, and Jami Bell, all of whom are LCU alumni. The Whites spent the day on campus speaking about their experience of... view full story

Renown Sculptor Rebecca Thompson Encourages LCU Art Students to Overcome ChallengesFeb. 13, 2015

Rebecca Thompson spoke to a room full of art students and guests on Thursday, Feb. 5, encouraging the audience to overcome the challenges of furthering their education and career in art. Rebecca received her Masters in Fine Art at Cornell University on a full scholarship and has successfully maneuvered the public works arena, with many of her... view full story

LCU Alumna Chosen to Welcome New Students to The Washington CenterFeb. 6, 2015

Each year, a recent alumni of The Washington Center (TWC) program in Washington D.C. is chosen to welcome new students. Lubbock Christian University is has been partnering with The Washington Center and sends students to study and intern in the nation’s capital. This year, LCU alumna Renee Rhodes was chosen to welcome the new students in the... view full story

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