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Blur Introduces Crowd to the True Coach

Student Leaders in New Role on Campus Kelly Robinson
Oct. 3, 2012


Lubbock Christian University is fortunate, to say the least, with regard to the quality and quantity of the student leadership that exists on campus. We see it every day in some way, shape or form and a new group of leaders has been formed to help provide leadership as well as service to the LCU community.

The LCU Ambassador’s Alliance is a group of 15 student leaders that form a sub-group of the Ambassador program on campus. This new organization plays a large role for the LCU Admissions Department, especially on Chap Days as well as for other admissions events.

“The main purpose of the Alliance is to serve LCU as representatives of the student body,” said Logan Adams, President of the Ambassador’s Alliance. “We will be a part of events, from various admission projects to alumni events and even press conferences.”

Adams and his cohorts will likely be involved in the upcoming Presidential Inauguration Week events that take place on campus (Sept. 23-27). While these students are from all types of backgrounds and interests, they all have met the criteria that are required in order to be in the Alliance.

“The student must be a part of the Ambassador program,” says Adams. “We each went through an interview with Shelley Parnell and Tim Day, both members of the Admissions staff, and they selected each of us based on how they wanted the LCU student body to be represented, plus our willingness to serve.”

Current members of the Alliance will not be required to apply in upcoming years, but open interviews for the positions in the group to replace graduating seniors or others who leave the program will take place at the end of the spring semester.

The first official act of service for the Ambassador’s Alliance came during the first two days of classes this fall. According to Adams the group and their assistance to other students was well received.

“The first day as a freshman or transfer student is typically chaotic and we were able to alleviate some of that by showing the new students to their classes,” Adams proudly explained. “We had three different tables set up across campus where students could approach us for help. Students and faculty both commented on what a great service this was.”

The obvious leadership skills of these students are on display each time they participate in an event on campus. A positive impact on others is likely to be a direct result and Adams is excited about the future of the Ambassador’s Alliance.

“There are many great ideas being tossed around as to how to use this group in other areas of campus,” he said. “This is going to be a fun and exciting year for us as we are brainstorming on ways that we can be used, not only to adequately represent LCU, but also to represent Christ on and off the campus.”

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