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Perrin Receives Cross in Ceremony

LCU Heritage: Former Presidents All Leaders of the University Sarah Lawson
Oct. 3, 2012


Lubbock Christian University officially solidified Tim Perrin’s place as the new president, successor of Dr. Ken Jones, by entrusting him to delineate the universities past presidential history. Dr. Rod Blackwood, University Provost, introduced Perrin.

“Tim Perrin comes from a heritage of sacrifice, vision and commitment,” Blackwood said. “The culture had to be very different when Tim’s parents first moved here. There had to be a heritage of sacrifice.”

Perrin is now the sixth president of LCU, which was originally started in 1957, aided by the vision of Dr. F.W. Mattox, the first president of the university.

“The legacy of all former presidents is a vision of what all presidents should do and be, “ Perrin said. “From past presidents we have created a vision. A vision of what a great university should be. A vision with God at the center.”

Past presidents in chronological order are: Dr. F.W. Mattox (1957-74), Dr. Joe Hacker (1975-76), Dr. Harvie M. Pruitt (1976-82), Dr. Steven S. Lemley (1983-92), and Lubbock Christian’s longest serving, most recent president, Dr. Ken Jones (1993-2012).

After 19 years of service, Jones found it difficult to pinpoint a specific memory of LCU that was his favorite because there have been so many, but he did enjoy all the years of service and especially values students, current and former alike, of the university.

“There are so many memories over 19 years. My favorite memories, my favorite times all have to do with students,” said Jones. “The students of LCU are the greatest source of joy to this university. The gain of this university that I count most precious is the gain in credibility.”

Three of the former presidents, Pruitt, Lemley and Jones, who now serves as the LCU chancellor, were able to attend the ceremony. Hacker was not in attendance due to health reasons. While expanding on the university’s presidential history during chapel, Perrin spoke of how Mattox was a very hands-on president, even helping students move in. He spoke of how Hacker reorganized debt and completed the SUB (Student Union Building). He extolled to the audience just how Pruitt was able to receive a 9.5 million dollar grant from the Environmental Protection Agency for water usage in farming to help grow the university; how Lemley brought financial stability and was responsible for the big bust in the library, and how grateful LCU is to Dr. Jones.

“Dr. Jones has been our longest serving president,” said Perrin, “and I have often heard him say without strong leadership something will either get off the track or fail. He (Jones) exemplifies strong leadership.”

LCU senior biology major Cara Huggins said she felt Perrin will do a fantastic job. “I think all of the past presidents have done a fantastic job.” Huggins said. “They have stayed true to the heritage of LCU and they have really built a strong Christian university model. I think President Perrin has done awesome so far, and I think one of the things he will try to do is make the campus more unified. Whether it be connecting sports to support each other or academic clubs. He will do fantastic.”

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2014