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Technically, there are no admissions deadlines to apply for enrollment or financial aid, but why wait? We encourage you to apply as soon as possible to ensure you reserve your spot on campus and receive the aid that you need.


You can apply for enrollment as early as your junior year in high school. We would love to have your application by June 15 but understand that isn't always possible.

Financial Aid

We want to make sure you get the aid that you need, so below are guidelines by when it is best to submit your application. You can apply for financial aid as soon as your tax returns are submitted for the planned enrollment year.

  • New students: June 15
  • Current students: January and February
  • Summer school: May 1

It is important to remember that every student must reapply for aid each academic year.

Upcoming Events for New/Prospective Students

  • Campus Activites
  • Academic Calendar
  • Departmental Events

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Undergraduate Commencement Exercises @10:00 am

Commencement for all undergraduates in the Rip Griffin Center, 26th Street on Chicago Avenue.


Residence Halls Close @10:00 am

All students are required to move out of the dorms within 24 hours of their last final exam.


Classes Begin: All early summer classes

All early summer classes begin: undergraduate Sum 1&2, DL02, Graduate A&BGrad, DLBGrad


Sum2, BGrad: DAL ends

Drop, add, and late registration ends for undergrad Summer 1, and BGrad.


Online degrees: DAL ends

Drop, add, and late registration ends for online degree classes: DL02, DLBGrad


Sum1, AGrad: DAL ends

Drop, add, and late registration ends for Sum1, AGrad.


Sum2: pass/fail begins

Pass/fail begins for undergraduate Summer 2 courses


Sum2: Pass/fail ends

Pass/fail ends for undergraduate Summer 2 short courses

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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2014