James Masterson

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James Masterson

James Masterson

BA in Youth and Family Ministry

Zipcodes covered by James: 79300-79399 (except 329, 363, 364, 382) 76900-76999, 78800-78899; 79700-79999; 88510-88595

I am the type of person who likes to go non-stop all the time. If there is something new and exciting or a challenge that has been put on the table, I will do my best to complete the task at hand!

Soccer is the best sport in the world. I also love to hunt, fish, hike, camp, rock climb, snowboard and experience the outdoors in just about anyway possible.

As a recent graduate from LCU, I would love to talk to you more about this great school and all the incredible ways it can change your life! Contact me with any questions at anytime.​


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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2014