Jodi Pritchard

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Database Specialist, Jodi Pritchard and her talented canine

Jodi Pritchard is the database queen for Lubbock Christian University. She pays the ultimate attention to detail to make everyone she supports successful. She is held in high esteem among the Sungard users community across the nation. Several times we have had the opportunity to give feedback on initial product deployments as a benefit of Jodi's ability to dissect systems. She is held in high esteem for going to extraordinary lengths to make everyone around her successful. Sometimes the path to success is not well marked, but she always rises to the challenge, blazing those trails as she goes.

She and Geoff Ritchey are partnering to keep LCU adaptable in the changing technology environment and current with increasing data needs and storage requirements.

In her off-duty time, Jodi trains her beautiful and beloved dog for obstacle course events.

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014