Holly Matthews

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Holly is a steady force in the LCU library. She does not feel all that technologically savvy, but she is not averse to it. She knows technology is here to stay and appreciates its value, but feels it can be very sometimes. Truth is, I think many of us share that feeling at times.


Holly relates, "Really as basic and simple as it sounds I think Google is one of the greatest inventions ever. Nearly everything I am doing or involved in or needing information on, 'Google' is a possible starting point for help before doing anything else."

"I don't have an ipod, ipad, iphone or any other such device. My cell phone is still my little-mini flip open basic Motorola trac-fone which I love because it's so small!"

Holly continued, "I am aware of just how fast technology is changing and growing and how much it literally consumes our lives. Working at a place filled with 18-21 year olds (who were almost born with a cell phone in their hand) I do see the need to reach young people on their level by using more technology in the university setting and the library. I'd like to find more opportunities to learn about technology and use it in my job/library, but still I still understand the need for using traditional-type learning resources as well.

In my personal life I have taken advantage of some great internet-based design/graphic art/photo software like Pinterest, Picnik, and mydeco for my hobbies.

My goals is really to embrace a happy-medium in my life (personal & professional) where I can get better at understanding and using technology, but still enjoy those days where I don't even look at my phone or computer/email, etc."

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014