Evidence Based Research App (EBR)

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Paula Gannaway sharing the mobile research app she helped design.

JoAnn Long shared a technology-based tool that she, Paula Gannaway and others developed to help students improve their online research and critical thinking skills. It is stored on Chaplink in the App folder and listed as the EBR (Evidence Based Research) tool. Sharlan Proper and Justin Brown (and MARCOM) brought the idea to life on the web, and it is being used by nursing students in Drs. Byers, Harrison and Ford's courses. Originally funded by an EquipLCU research grant, Paula and Karl Mahan presented a poster on the tool at the international Nursing Honor Society conference in 2011. Paula has done most of the work and early findings suggest the use of the tool positively moves students forward in their research skills. Drs. Box and Culbert also helped early on with the pilot and evaluation.

"We are still in the early phase, and revisions will continue. We would love sell EBR as an App marketed to nursing students."

Among many other things, Paula is a beloved graduate from the LCU Graduate Education program. She, along with other library colleagues, see many implications of technology advancement changing the way we all view the functions of a library.

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014