Why Does Ice Float

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Jessica Rogers is a chemistry professor at LCU who is fascinated with the mystery of how God was able to create everything in this world. One of her favorite things about teaching is getting to unravel some of the answers to that mystery with students through demonstrations and logic.  As a chemist, she believes trying to manipulate compounds to make the world a better place is a worthy goal. 

Outside the classroom, Rogers loves being a mother to her three sons, Coby, Zack, and Josh, and a wife to her husband, Dr. Toby Rogers.  She not only loves mixing things up in the lab, but in the kitchen when she cooks as well.  Other hobbies include running, photography, camping (another place she can start fires), and gardening.


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Why Does Ice Float?
Jessica Rogers

As liquids slow down, they become more dense. This makes almost all liquids denser in their solid form. For example, cyclohexanol sinks in liquid cyclohexanol. However, as we all know, this doesn't happen with water. The Titanic wouldn't have sank if all the icebergs were at the bottom of the ocean.

The polarity of a water molecule is triangular with a negative end and a positive end. This makes it impossible for water molecules to pack in tightly like what happens with almost every other molecule. Instead, it attracts positives to negatives and forms an open grid. This is just one of the qualities of water that make life on earth even possible. God knew what he was doing.

Without floating ice, ocean life couldn't survive. Water is also a great temperature regulator for the earth. The clouds and oceans act as a giant blanket keeping temperature from making even greater shifts from day to night and season to season. It's amazing that one little molecule can have such a huge part in God's plan for keeping this world going.

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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014