How Long Could You Hold onto Your Anger?

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Dr. Kregg Fehr teaches history at LCU, and his favorite thing about the subject is that it requires you to study an event from many different perspectives.  With the endless parade of people, events, and angles to explore, Fehr finds himself drawn to the "mosaic approach" when constructing truth.  His favorite classes to teach are History of Science and History of the Cold War.

Fehr’s greatest adventure outside the classroom is traveling with his wife, Jane, and two daughters, Katie and Gracie.  They are currently trying to visit all 50 states and hope to see each of the national parks along the way.  So far, they have toured 38 states and 20 national parks. 


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How Long Could You Hold onto Your Anger?
Kregg Fehr

The City of Lubbock Cemetery holds the second greatest number of civil war veterans of any cemetery in the state of Texas.  Many of the soldiers who traveled to Texas and settled after the war were angry.  A lot of the southerners who stayed behind in South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia were angry as well.  Even today, there are still some southerners who are waiting for the south to rise again.  However, the city of Vicksburg had every reason to be angry, and they held on to their anger for more than 80 years. 

In July of 1863, Vicksburg endured a siege that lasted more than six weeks.  General Ulysses S. Grant and his union troops bombarded the city.  The people of Vicksburg endured scurvy, starvation, brutality, constant gun fire, and artillery fire.  By the time the siege ended in 1863, there was very little to eat.  Your money, heirlooms, and even your most prized possessions bought you very little, maybe only rat meat.  After 1863, the 4th of July was not considered a day of celebration for the people of Vicksburg.  Fireworks going off in the sky reminded them of union artillery during the siege. They held on to their anger and refused to celebrate the 4th of July for 81 years, until the last year of World War II, another war that shaped the history of the world.  

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