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Baylor President to Appear on LCU CampusOct. 3, 2012

LUBBOCK, TX --- September 20, 2012 --- Kenneth Starr, President of Baylor University, will be the featured guest Monday night as Lubbock Christian University continues its weeklong inauguration of L. Timothy Perrin as the sixth president of the university. Starr will join Perrin as they present “Voices of Faith in the Public Square,” in a... view full story

Dr. Lemley Invites Students to Make HistoryOct. 3, 2012

“These are great days,” Lubbock Christian University’s fourth president, Dr. Steven Lemley, said in Monday’s speech during chapel. “(Inauguration Week) has a lot more to do with you students than you might think.” September 27, 2012 marks a monumental day in LCU's history - the inauguration of the university's sixth president, L. Timothy Perrin.... view full story

LCU Achieves Record EnrollmentOct. 3, 2012

LUBBOCK, TX --- September 13, 2012 --- Lubbock Christian University announced today that the school has achieved a record enrollment for the fall 2012 semester. According to the office of the registrar, LCU has a fall enrollment of 2,135 students, which represents the largest number of students in the history of the university. The previous high... view full story

Alumnus Lauren Sell Shares Washington, D.C. ExperiencesOct. 3, 2012

After receiving her Bachelor's degree in May 2012, Lauren Sell participated in LCU Washington, the D.C. based internship program provided by Lubbock Christian University. The program, directed by Dr. Stacy Patty, is a recent addition to the opportunities available to LCU students. Sell, like many students, did not realize her path in life until... view full story

Student Leaders in New Role on CampusOct. 3, 2012

Lubbock Christian University is fortunate, to say the least, with regard to the quality and quantity of the student leadership that exists on campus. We see it every day in some way, shape or form and a new group of leaders has been formed to help provide leadership as well as service to the LCU community. The LCU Ambassador’s Alliance is a... view full story

Blur Introduces Crowd to the True CoachOct. 3, 2012

As with most everything that takes place on the Lubbock Christian University campus, God's amazing influence was on full display at the first Blur event of the new school year. Blur, the campus ministry that began last year, took place on Thursday night at the McDonald Moody Auditorium and it turned into "truly a party for Jesus,"... view full story

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