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LCU Radio is "On Air"Oct. 9, 2013

Lubbock Christian University cut the ribbon on the newest program on campus today with the grand opening of ChapRadio. “I’m so excited to be on the radio,” said Mass Media major Lindsey Miller. “My family in California get a kick out of listening to my show.” Miller was one of several student announcers participating in the live broadcast of the... view full story

Paisano Initiative Reaches out to MinoritiesOct. 7, 2013

Lubbock Christian University recently launched Paisano, an institutional inclusiveness and community engagement initiative. The initiative began as an outreach to the emerging Hispanic community and first generation college students, which LCU continues to see growth with both of those populations. Monica Barnard, LCU General Counsel and... view full story

1983 Baseball Champions ReuniteOct. 1, 2013

For their 30-year reunion, the 1983 baseball champions were inducted into the LCU Hall of Honor, the first year for an entire team to be inducted. The 1983 team received this honor for claiming LCU’s first national title in the NAIA National Championship with a 12-9 win over Lewis-Clark State on June 6, 1983. Head coach, Larry Hays, along with all... view full story

Moser Ministry Conference Looks at God-Centered MinistrySep. 30, 2013

"God-Centered Ministry in a Me-Centered World" is the focus of the 2013 Moser Ministry Conference that will take place on the campus of Lubbock Christian University today and tomorrow (Sept. 30-Oct. 1). As the brochure for the event says, "… our world and our churches need the influence of God-centered ministries to counter our... view full story

LCU Hosting Panel of Business LeadersSep. 30, 2013

Lubbock Christian University is holding a panel discussion, Business as a Calling, as a part of this year’s annual Thinking Critical initiative. Four distinguished guests will share their thoughts on the opportunities—and challenges—of serving God and serving others when using their talents in the business world. The panel will be facilitated on... view full story

Associates and Corn Benefit LCUSep. 27, 2013

The Associates of Lubbock Christian University, an organization made up of women who share the purpose of uniting Christian women on the South Plains in a genuine spiritual fellowship, support LCU in all her needs, help promote the highest advantages in physical, social, intellectual and spiritual education of every student of LCU and promote a... view full story

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