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Updated: A Remembrance of Elaine Perrin Emily Young Lemley
Oct. 3, 2012


Elaine Perrin, mother of Lubbock Christian University President L. Tim Perrin and long-time faculty member, passed away during her sleep Thursday evening. While the entire LCU community mourns the loss of the matriarch of the Perrin family, we also celebrate with them for a life well-lived.

Elaine Wythe Perrin and her husband Lester came to Lubbock Christian College in 1960. Living across the street from the campus, raising their five strong children here, the Perrin character of faith and determination and dedication is woven deeply into the place.

Elaine was a librarian and a teacher of literature and composition. Her students quickly saw that she was intense about their learning and focused on their development. She told the truth with a smile, and because of that she was one of the professors that alumni seek out when they return to campus. Her opposition to pretention of any kind is imbedded in the LCU spirit.  "Keep it real" was something Elaine lived.

She was a woman of faith. Her commitment to studying, reading and teaching spiritual truth was consistent. She came from a long line of believers. Her grandfather, F.L. Young was a pioneer preacher full of grace, and she caught the family value of Christian education, attending Harding University where she met Les Perrin.

In Lubbock, she was whole-heartedly in the Vandelia Village Church of Christ fellowship—teaching, babysitting for besieged young mothers, cooking and serving underprivileged kids in the neighborhood. She did it all.

Elaine was a "working mother" who considered family meals valuable and who listened to her children and grandchildren talk. They knew she knew them. Her children "rise up and call her blessed." As a group, they honor her devotion by their contribution to the world as an educator of nurses, a technology leader, and three attorneys, two who have focused on serving the poor and one who has been a law school professor now turned university president. These five lives say a great deal about Elaine’s values and love.

In the midst of all of her good works, she also volunteered for the LCU Associates, hosting luncheons at the Arnett House and bringing guests to Associates’ events. She was a loyal and loving wife—Les had a life of great influence also, and many would say that Elaine’s love and understanding enabled his unique contribution.

On a personal level, Elaine encouraged my parenting focus—"Is there a time everyday when your child knows you will be still and listen to them?" and as a colleague in the LCU English department, she encouraged my teaching, wanting me to go into new areas of study and to "keep on going." She made space for the creative and unique. She was kind and appreciative. I admired her and am thankful for her life. I take her example to heart.

Contributions to the Vandelia Church of Christ or Lubbock Christian University Presidential Fund are encouraged.

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