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Baylor President to Appear on LCU Campus

President Perrin Excited About Inauguration Week Kyle Bullock
Oct. 3, 2012


The official beginning to a week full of events associated with The Inauguration of L. Timothy Perrin, JD as the sixth president of Lubbock Christian University took place on Sunday evening with the Area Wide Worship Service and Prayer of Blessing.

On Thursday, September 27, 2012, LCU will officially inaugurate President Perrin in a historical celebration. The journey toward the inauguration has taken the university many months, much deliberation, and countless prayers. For Tim Perrin and his family, this process unfolded over a considerable period. However, according to Perrin, it really sunk in when he was first referred to as "president" during an event for LCU in Houston sometime in March of 2012.

"(It) was definitely one of those 'I'm really doing this' kind of moments," said Perrin. "Every time someone calls me President Perrin, I'm surprised even still. So, it has not yet completely become real."

Going into inauguration week, President Perrin is excited and hopes that the week-long celebration will provide an opportunity to celebrate the rich heritage at LCU and look toward the future with confidence. Having grown up in the Lubbock area, Perrin said he is glad to get to return to his hometown and be closer to his West Texas family. For the past 20 years, the Perrins have been living in Malibu, California, so the change to the West Texas climate is certainly a big one.

"We love the people and are enjoying the chance to reconnect with so many of our friends and to meet so many new people who are fast becoming our good friends," President Perrin said. "The best part of being back in Lubbock is being able to have great Tex Mex anytime we want it," Perrin joked.

Despite the transition, change of climate, and new role, it is evident President Perrin is thankful to the LCU community for the invitation to join the mission and be a part of the community.

For the new president, the future of the campus and the community of LCU looks bright. First and foremost, the president said his goal for the future is to preserve and strengthen the Christian mission of the campus. Beyond that, President Perrin says his priorities include expanding resources for the campus, enhancing the reputation of the campus, engaging the alumni of the university and strengthening their connection to the university, and enriching the environment of LCU for the student. With projects already underway for the university, such as the transition into NCAA Division II, opportunities to expand campus technology, planned construction for a new science building, and other developments on campus to be announced soon, the new president will no doubt stay busy in his new position.

Even with all of the new developments and exciting plans, it is clear that the president is chiefly concerned with preserving the Christian mission, encouraging the extraordinary staff, and maintaining the close-knit community of LCU. Furthermore, it is no doubt that President Perrin is a strong friend of the student at LCU, too. "I grew up right here, have deep family ties to LCU, and believe deeply in what LCU is trying to do," said President Perrin.

Inauguration events will occur across the LCU campus, September 23-27, 2012. President Perrin encourages students, who live both on and off campus, to join in and participate in the events throughout the week.

For more information about the inauguration week events taking place on the LCU campus, please visit or call (806) 720-7726.

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2014