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Out of the Darkness—From the Middle of the Mess

LCU Students Participate in Spring Break Mission Trips Kathleen Wyly–LCU Web Journalist and Marketing Specialist
Mar. 5, 2013

Rather than hitting the beach or catching up on sleep, many Lubbock Christian University students are participating in an annual LCU tradition of using their Spring Break vacation to serve and minister. These students, divided into teams, will travel to another city, state or country to use their talents toward helping the underprivileged this spring break, which is March 11th-15th.

This year’s target sites are: Houston, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; and Tabacundo, Ecuador.

This is the third consecutive year for LCU to send a team to Houston. This year a group of 23 students will be going to the big city to volunteer as elementary and middle school vacation bible school teachers with Impact Houston Church of Christ. These students will be working with around 170 inner-city kids teaching bible stories, leading games, crafts, drama, and even taking them on a field trip to the zoo and Ronald McDonald farm.
v “By us going there to spend a week with these kids, we give them something that not every one of them has in their homes and that is selfless love. The Impact community tries to help these families, and that is why I love being a part of this Impact family. They all show unconditional love like Jesus did.” –Kenny Stewart, Houston Campaign Leader, LCU Junior

A new campaign for LCU is a team of 10 going for the first time to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to work with organizations fighting against human trafficking. While working with No Boundaries International,, and more, these students will be ministering to those working in the prostitution industry and children living in that area.

“Human trafficking is a global epidemic that is only growing. There are more people enslaved in the world today than in the 450 years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The average age for a girl to begin working in the United States is between 12-13 years old. Our society needs to be educated on the subject to bring the problem into the light of public awareness so more steps are taken to help victims and prevent future victims.” –Kim Silvia, Oklahoma Campaign leader, LCU Junior

For the third consecutive year, LCU is sending a team internationally to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This is the only international trip LCU is sending this spring break with 11 students and 1 sponsor getting their passports ready to go. While in one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, these LCU volunteers have plans to build wooden houses, spend time with children, feed the homeless, and visit "The Dump."

“Building a house can change the lives of a few Hondurans. Feeding them can give temporary help to many Hondurans. However, the relationships we build can have the greatest impact in the end. Going to Honduras and building relationships through God's name can give the people we meet a new perspective on Christianity” –Angela Crouch, Honduras Campaign leader, LCU Sophomore

Finally, Lubbock Christian University Education majors are taking a campaign of twelve students and four sponsors to Tabacundo, Ecuador. While this is their first year to go to Ecuador, it is the third year for the education department to take a team out of the country over spring break. Their schedule while in Ecuador consists of teaching lessons in the Tabacundo schools, working with students in the after school program at Camp Bellevue, and deliver boxes of school supplies, which are much in need.

“We have an opportunity to serve the youth in Tabacundo by teaching them important concepts that will help further their education. We will get to share effective teaching strategies and lessons with teachers and build a relationship with their schools. It is important to our LCU students and future teachers to be exposed to students whose first language is not English. It will help them learn how to teach to all students and gain an understanding of the challenges associated with teaching and learning language barriers.” –Cathy Box, Ecuador Campaign sponsor, LCU Education Professor

LCU will have a special time of prayer for all the students, faculty, and staff going on spring break campaigns during their daily chapel at 11am on Thursday March 7th in the McDonald Moody Auditorium. For questions or more information, please contact Susie West at

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