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Blur Introduces Crowd to the True Coach Sharlan Proper
Oct. 3, 2012


As with most everything that takes place on the Lubbock Christian University campus, God's amazing influence was on full display at the first Blur event of the new school year.

Blur, the campus ministry that began last year, took place on Thursday night at the McDonald Moody Auditorium and it turned into "truly a party for Jesus," proclaimed one of the faithful in attendance.

The LCU singing group, Best Friends, opened the student initiated worship service that featured a diverse crowd from new LCU President, Tim Perrin, to families with newborn children as they all intermingled with students, faculty and staff.

Josh Kassinger, worship leader at Bammel Road Church of Christ in Houston, encouraged the audience on hand to worship from their hearts. Kassinger has been a constant at the Blur events and his inspirational words always have a calming effect on the crowd.

Dr. David Fraze, LCU alumnus and director of student ministries at The Hills Church of Christ in North Richland Hills, challenged those in attendance to focus so distinctly on Jesus that all the distractions of the world would "blur!" Dr. Fraze presented a "What do you see?" image and took suggestions from the crowd as to what might be "hidden" in the picture. The mini lesson was, "We sometimes imagine things that really aren't there."

By standing on a balance beam, Dr. Fraze then took us to the Olympics. He swayed as he was confronted by challenges to his faith, went down to his hands and knees on the apparatus, and then held on for dear life as the storm of persecution swirled around him. From his hunkered down posture, he tried to praise and encourage others, but he was too tied to his safety role. He was too afraid of "imaginary" threats, to spin and leap and fly. As the storm subsided, he crawled off the beam, leaped to a victory pose, and addressed God, "Where is my gold medal," "Aren't you proud of me?"

The conclusion was: we have a Coach who encourages us and binds our wounds when we fall. We need to spin and flip and fly on the beam and celebrate as we live our life with Christ. We have no reason to cling to the beam, but to leap for joy in Christ. Fraze's invitation to those who have never tried life with The Coach, was to be baptized and experience the freedom of flying.

"This was the first time I have had the opportunity to attend Blur," said LCU graduate student, Justin O'Rear. "You could feel, hear and see the joy in everyone's heart for getting the chance to worship our Lord and Savior. I truly believe experiencing Blur for the first time, this worship experience can help others know Christ. One thing that caught my attention was the number of non-LCU people in attendance. This proves Blur is already on track!"

As with all experiences on the LCU campus, Blur was another illustration as to why Lubbock Christian University exists ... to change lives.

Make your plans now to attend the next Blur, which will take place on November 8th.

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